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Generator Rotor

Generator Rotor - 120 MW Unit 3, Koradi.

Koradi : Insitu repairs to HP, IP casings, Insitu Repairs to Generator Rotor, Machining to Turbine Rotor and Dynamic Balancing,
Insitu Repairs to Generator Rotor Thrust Collar, HP/LP Turbine Casing, Main Bearing Pedestal of 210 MW,
Ball Reclaimers for Online Condenser Tube Cleaning System.


Koradi : Generator Rotor 120 MW Unit 3

•  Due to eddy current, sleeves seating area eroded.
•  OEM and other companies offered 3-6 months time. Stampings and insulation needed to be removed.
•  We did the job insitu without removing stamping and insulation in 7 days.
•  A great technical achievement, saved huge downtime cost.

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