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Generator Rotor And Thrust Collar

Generator Rotors, Thrust Collars of 20 MW Koyana Hydro

Repairing of Thrust Collar of Hydro Tturbine

Repairing of Thrust Collar of Hydro Turbine

MAHAGENCO KOYNA : Insitu repairs to Generator Rotor, Thrust Collar.

•  Damage thrust collar
•  OEM companies refused this insitu work and advised for repairs at their work. Supply of water to Sangli, Karhad etc. will have to be stopped for several months.
•  We carried out this insitu work of metallizing and machining space available was 280 mm gap with baffle plates in between.
•  Water for irrigation was available in short time. Since 2000, unit is running smoothly without any temperature difference.

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